Zamio WP 2.0

Go-to-Market Strategy

We firmly believe the future of finance will be based on blockchain technology. Hence, our go-to-market strategy aims to prove and demonstrate our vision for the future of finance with real-world use cases deploying our ecosystem in emerging markets where people are looking for alternative financial opportunities.
MENA presents a region that is witnessing growing adoption of crypto. Based outside Dubai, we want to gradually setup up our infrastructure in the region with an expansive list of financial services that regular people can use on daily basis. To make this process more viable, we plan to partner with local third party providers to enable a fast transition between fiat and crypto and an easy integration with current financial infrastructure.
With infrastructure in place, we will launch a marketing and PR campaigns to attract real world users and crypto investors. The project will initially attract real world users of the ecosystem in the MENA region looking for access to the international crypto financial markets and payment solutions.
After, we will build on existing infrastructure and user base to expand to new markets and provide additional solutions to users who want to be fully invested in a blockchain based ecosystem.


The crypto industry is still in its infancy

The potential of Zamzam is colossal. If only 0.01% of the entire global stock market value was used to issue stablecoins, this will bring $270 million in profits each year. The company's capitalization can reach at least $18 billion considering a Total Value Locked (TVL) coefficient ratio of 2 (UNISwap now has TVL ratio of 3) and multiply it by the amount of blocked funds in our protocol.‌
And this is just a small part of the potential. Zamzam aims to become a global digital bank, providing a wide range of financial services and investment opportunities to billions around the world in more than 200 countries. As blockchain economy will eventually replace the traditional economy, growth possibilities are limitless.​

Goals and Unique Selling Points

The primary goals are:
  • To get people and merchants to use and accept stablecoins as well as other crypto assets as a form of payment with easy transition between fiat and crypto.
  • To enable users easy access to invest, fundraise, send, receive and store crypto.
  • To build an infrastructure that supports the operation of our ecosystem and accelerates adoption.
Unique Selling Point:
  1. 1.
    Full financial ecosystem in one app: payments and transfers on-chain, wallet, exchange, yield, investments, funding.
  2. 2.
    Easy POS crypto payments via QR code, virtual cards.
  3. 3.
    Instant global transfer of crypto and fiat at low fees.