Token Mechanics

Initial Token Distribution

Initial token distribution represents the total $ZAM token supply of 888,888,888 tokens. Most tokens are locked and will be unlocked according to our token release schedule.

Free Market

On the free crypto market, any user can buy/sell $ZAM or stablecoin $USDZ by depositing/withdrawing fiat money or by exchanging them for crypto. This could be done within the Zamzam ecosystem or on other cryptocurrency exchanges.

$ZAM Free Market

We are holding a private sale to gather funds for project development. 20% of the total token supply, amounting to 177,777,778 tokens, will be up for sale. Most tokens available for sale will be locked on the listing date and will be unlocked according to our token release schedule during 32 months after TGE. Tokens for sale will be traded on the free market.

Later, as per our token release schedule, we will unlock 284,444,444 more tokens that represent our reserve pools. These tokens will be distributed to our team members, our partners, and participants in the future. Our participants’ tokens could be also released on the free market with time. Team members’ and partnership tokens will be held.

$USDZ Free Market (coming soon)

Stablecoin $USDZ could be bought, sold or exchanged within the Zamzam ecosystem or on other cryptocurrency exchanges.

Lenders would provide a Liquidity Pool for $USDZ on the free market within the zMorgan Protocol. Zamzam smart contracts would regulate the sufficiency of the Liquidity Pool for issued stablecoin $USDZ within the zMorgan Protocol so that the value of issued $USDZ on the free market would not exceed the Liquidity Pool value.

When a Borrower deposits a securities portfolio collateral, the zMorgan Protocol locks the collateral and mints a suitable number of stablecoin $USDZ. The Borrower receives this stablecoin as a loan. Then, thanks to the locked Liquidity Pool, the Borrower can exchange received loans in $USDZ for fiat money or crypto.

When a user buys $USDZ with fiat money, the fiat money is converted to stablecoin BUSD. Then, stablecoin BUSD is locked, and $USDZ are minted. When a user buys $USDZ with other stablecoins (USDC, BUSD), these stablecoins are locked and $USDZ is minted.

Thus, on the free market, stablecoin $USDZ will be backed by securities, other stablecoins or fiat money.

zMorgan Protocol (coming soon)


Actions performed by a Lender within the zMorgan Protocol are as follows:

  • Depositing stablecoins BUSD or USDC or fiat money and providing a Liquidity Pool;

  • Receiving interest in our stablecoin $USDZ (according to the current APY);

  • Receiving a deposited amount back to the agreed terms.


Actions performed by a Borrower within the zMorgan Protocol are as follows:

  • Depositing a securities portfolio as a collateral;

  • Getting a loan in stablecoin $USDZ;

  • Exchanging $USDZ for fiat money or crypto;

  • Purchasing $ZAM on the free market and paying the zMorgan Protocol fee that amounts to 2% of a pledged securities portfolio at the moment of a loan issuance. However, the Borrower will receive in $ZAM 1% of the pledged securities portfolio back after a loan repayment;

  • Purchasing $USDZ on the free market and paying loan interest monthly (according to the current APR);

  • Repaying the loan in $USDZ according to the agreed terms;

  • Receiving the securities portfolio back.

Lenders and borrowers are able to use other Zamzam ecosystem services. In this case, lenders and borrowers who stake $ZAM will enjoy favorable interest rates.

Ecosystem Fund Pool

The Ecosystem Fund Pool is a pool that will be formed of:

  • An initially distributed Ecosystem Fund made up of 88,888,889 tokens. As the Ecosystem Fund Pool will be used for future payments, we lock these tokens for the first 12 months and will unlock them linearly over the 10 months;

  • zMorgan Protocol fee that represents 1% of a pledged securities portfolio value paid by the Borrower in $ZAM after paying zMorgan Protocol expenses (including Broker's commissions).

The accumulated Ecosystem Fund Pool will be distributed as follows:

  • Ecosystem development;

  • One-time expense involving unpredictable events. This pool addresses our indirect risks. We obtain zMorgan Protocol fees that may be used in cases of unexpected needs. This represents a one-time expense involving unpredictable events such as:

  • Hacker attacks and scams;

  • Escrow problems and errors;

  • Other unpredictable expenses.

zMorgan Profit Fund Pool

Zamzam's zMorgan profit in $USDZ is calculated as a Borrower interest (APR) minus a Lender interest (APY). The profit will be accumulated as zMorgan Profit Fund Pool and will be distributed to Zamzam ecosystem needs.

Zamzam Ecosystem Services (except for the zMorgan Protocol)

Within the Zamzam ecosystem, users are able to pay fees in $ZAM, fiat currency or stablecoins.

The users would be able to choose the fees payment currency:

Table 1

Zamzam ecosystem services





Exchange operations

CryptoProcessing for business

Buying cryptocurrency with a card



Withdrawing cryptocurrency to fiat currency



Plans and access to the platform

Premium subscription

Consumer microloans



Digital debit cards payments



Remittance and international transfers

Service and payments

Zamzam revenue in $ZAM, fiat currency or stablecoins will be distributed as follows:

  • Profit Fund Pool after paying transaction fees and other fees.

Fees discount in $ZAM

The users who would pay Zamzam fees in $ZAM would have the following discount rates:

Table 2


Year 1

(4Q 2021 -

3Q 2022)

Year 2

(4Q 2022 -

3Q 2023)

Year 3

(4Q 2023 -

3Q 2024)

Year 4

(4Q 2024 -

3Q 2025)

Remittance and Payments





Other Zamzam services*





*Other Zamzam services fees that are available in $ZAM please see above

As in the long term, we will stimulate our $ZAM holders with Defi incentive mechanisms, the fee discount rate decreases every year. Details are available in the paragraph “Yield Program (DeFi Incentive Products) below.

Profit Fund Pool

The Profit Fund Pool is a pool that will be formed of the Zamzam ecosystem services fees and commissions paid by the users in $ZAM, fiat currency or stablecoins.

The accumulated Profit Fund Pool will be distributed to the Zamzam ecosystem development

Yield Program (DeFi Incentive Product)

To attract more users to the Zamzam ecosystem, we've launched the Yield Program (DeFi incentive product).

Initially, as the Yield Program Pool, we allocated 204,444,444 $ZAM (23% of the total $ZAM supply). As we plan to offer the Yield Program minimum over 5 years (i.e. 60 months), we distributed 204,444,444 $ZAM yield over 5 years.

The monthly distribution of the Yield Program Pool (204,444,444 $ZAM) depends on the amount of monthly released $ZAM: more $ZAM tokens are released to the free market within one month, than more total monthly yield.

Thus, the monthly Yield Program Pools for the next 60 months (i.e. 5 years) are as follows:

How much Yield do users receive?

Users receive the yield in $ZAM based on APY (annual percentage yield for holding).

Thus, a user receives the following yield for the period T:

How is APY calculated?

The current APY is displayed for all users.

Maximum APY is 89%.

There is an automatic update of APY every time after one user deposits or withdraws his/her holding amount. Also, there is an automatic update of APY at the beginning of each month.

Thus, APY after each update is calculated as follows:

Thus, if there are no updates till the end of a current month (no deposits or withdrawals by users), the current monthly Yield Program Pool will be enough for all users with the current APY. At the beginning of every month the APY is recalculated based on the current deposited amount and allocated Yield Program Pool for the current month.

Our smart contract’s development

On November 20, 2021 we issued the first version of our Yield Program smart contract.

Yield Program Pool in the amount of 204,444,444 tokens would be locked by smart contracts for about 5 years. Yield Program Pool will be regulated by an algorithm, therefore, yield tokens would be automatically unlocked and distributed according to the current APY and users activity (quantity of users, terms, deposited amounts in $ZAM etc.).

Later, the Yield Program smart contract can be updated, we plan to improve and develop it with time.

Based on our Yield Program smart contract we will be able to launch the holding pair of ZAM and other cryptocurrencies in new yield pools.

Later, our USDZ stablecoin will be added to the Yield Program smart contract.

Team Pool

The tokens for the team will not be held by our management and will not be under the management control. These tokens will be distributed to all team members as guaranteed bonuses for the performed work and KPIs.

All team members can use the received tokens by their own decision within the Zamzam ecosystem.

The tokens for the team are locked for 3 years, so team members cannot immediately sell their tokens. All employees will receive bonuses in tokens gradually, only a certain percentage of the total calculated individual bonus will be sent regularly.

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