Portfolios after IIOs

Life-cycle of Investment Portfolios

After IIO on ZAMpad is over and Index tokens and shares in Investment Portfolios are distributed among investors in ZamWallet, the following activities are available:

  • Any new investor can invest in any Portfolio through ZamWallet at any time by depositing USDT into his/her ZamWallet account.

  • Any current investor at any time can add more USDT to his/her current Investment Portfolio or choose a new Portfolio for investment.

  • The Index token can only be traded on PCS.

The life-cycle of Investment Portfolios from the Investor’s point of view

  1. Any new or current investor can invest in any Portfolio in ZamWallet at any time by depositing USDT into the ZamWallet account.

  2. Then, there is an automatic purchase of tokens for the Investment Portfolio for deposited amounts (1,000 USDT in example). The total TVL of the Portfolio will increase by the deposited amount.

  3. The purchased tokens prices and their shares in Portfolio are displayed in ZamWallet in real time.

4. The Investor can monitor the Investment Portfolio profitability and Portfolio price in ZamWallet.

5. When the tokens prices in the Investment Portfolio change, the share of each token in the Investment Portfolio also changes. Then, there is a manual rebalancing of tokens shares made by the expert or an automatic rebalancing.

6. After some period of time, when the Investor withdraws the investment, the investor receives the amount in stablecoins equivalent to his/her current value of the Investments in Portfolio minus expert’s and Zamio’s fees. Fees are paid only from realized profits (after the sale of investments).

The total TVL of the Portfolio will decrease by the withdrawn amount.

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