Roadmap (old)



Q2 Q3 Q4
  • Project Documentation for .One

  • Financial Modeling for .One

  • Team formation

  • Registered as Zamzam Technology LLC

  • Marketing Strategy .One

  • Launched Product Development

  • Release ZamWallet MVP .Beta

  • Published White Paper .One

  • Website launch .One

  • Our Team Visited Dubai, Singapore, Switzerland

  • Partnership with Saeed Alhebsi and Jaber Almarzouki UAE

  • Active Fundraising


Q1 Q2Q3Q4
  • Project documentation for

  • Financial Modeling for .One

  • Business Development for

  • Partnership with Unistream Bank

  • Partnership with QiwiBank

  • Launch Development App for Remittance

  • Marketing Strategy for .One

  • Partnership with WalletOne Bank


Q1Q2 Q3 Q4
  • Partnership with Best2Pay and MinBank

  • Infrastructure Launch 1.0

  • Website launch

  • Team expansion

  • Partnership with CONTACT Payment

  • Closed Testing App for Remittance

  • Start of Development of Virtual Bank Cards

  • Partnership with the Federation of Migrants of Russia

  • Release App for Remittance .One

  • Launched of remittance service in 8 countries


  • Formation of a New Crypto Team

  • Project Documentation .Two

  • Financial Modeling .Two

  • Marketing Strategy .Two

  • Partnership with PayAnyWay

  • was Valuated at $27mln by FreedomFinance

  • Attracted 10,000 Users

  • Infrastructure Launch 2.0

  • Deploy of $ZAM Token

  • Cross-servers

  • Website Update .Two

  • Multilingual social media resources

Q3 Q4
  • CeFi Wallet Power by Binance .One

  • DeFi Wallet ETC20, BEP20 .One

  • Cross-Chain Bridge ETH to BSC .One

  • Adding New Remittance Destinations

  • Launch of Open API .One

  • Whitepaper .One

  • Сlosed Pre-Seed Private Sale of ZAM token

  • DeFi Wallet Add Cosmos, BSC .Two

  • Web Dapps .One:

    • zMetaBoard (Dashboard) .One

    • ZAM token staking

  • IDO of ZAM token on UniSwap, PancakeSwap

  • IEO of ZAM token on

  • Listing of ZAM token on MEXC

  • Setting up the multilingual client support


  • Launch of Babylon Academy — free educational portal

Current Roadmap


  • zMetaBoard .Two (Dashboard)

  • Web Dapps .Two

  • Launch of Zamio TrillioHeirs NFT

  • Launch of ZAMpad .One

    • Social tasks

  • Listing of ZAM token on ByBIt

  • Investment Portfolios .One

  • ZamWallet app:

    • KYC verification

    • New DeFi wallet networks

    • Referral program .One

  • Partial identification in Zamzam App

  • Launch of Zamio Incubator

  • ZamWallet app:

    • New Interface

    • Investment Portfolios .Two

    • Added new DeFi wallet networks, now they are ETH, BSC, FTM, AVAX, MATIC, CRONOS.

    • 500+ tokens/coins have been added in ZamWallet for the exchange

  • IIO for the first Investment Portfolio and deploy its token in BEP20

  • Deploy of the USDZ stablecoin

  • Website Update .Two

  • Whitepaper .Two

  • 10+ co-marketing partnerships


  • Launch of the Bridge FTM-ETH-BSC-AVAX

  • Launch of ZamWallet Web .One

  • 2FA and google authenticator

  • Integration between ZamPad and ZamWallet

  • Launch of ZamWallet fiat replenishment

  • ZAMpad .Two

  • ZAM token integration with ZamWallet:

    • ZamWallet fees can be paid in $ZAM token

    • Buy/sell and exchange ZAM token in ZamWallet

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