Portfolio Indicators

Profit measurement and other indexes in investment portfolios

What are Investment Portfolios based on?

Each Investment Portfolio in ZamWallet is created and managed by an expert. The expert has his/her own admin panel, where an investment Portfolio is managed based on https://3commas.io.

This is a great option for investors who don’t want to constantly monitor and manage their portfolios. So investors will be able to enjoy only the performance of their portfolios over time without managing them.

Every Investment Portfolio is backed by 100% tokens with liquidity and security provided by Binance. By investing in one Portfolio you invest in a diversified asset — the set of top crypto tokens chosen by the top expert.

Portfolio price

Portfolios have their own Portfolio prices (Portfolio price indexes), which are displayed in ZamWallet. The Portfolio price changes in real time depending on the current price and shares of tokens in the Portfolio. The Portfolio price is calculated as the weighted average of token prices (sum of token prices multiplied by these token shares in Portfolio).

Example of calculation of the Portfolio price:

Token tickerToken priceToken share in PortfolioToken price multiplied by token share





















Portfolio price


Each Portfolio price is displayed in USD in ZamWallet:

Portfolio returns and profits

Another metric that helps investors to monitor the profitability of Portfolio is the return on investment ratio and the profit amount.

An investor is able to view in ZamWallet his own profit amount and the personal return on investment based on the investor’s cost of investment (value of the initial investment) and profit (return) generated by the Portfolio for the investor. The investor’s profit is displayed in USD and is represented also by a chart, which shows the profit for a selected period of time (for 24 hours, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and all time):

Portfolio tokens in ZamWallet

Investing in an Investment Portfolio investors buy the Portfolio token. Amount of tokens the investor can receive after the purchase (investment) is calculated according to the formula:

Investment amount / Portfolio price

The number of purchased Portfolio tokens is displayed in ZamWallet:

The Portfolio token is the internal ZamWallet token, which can be bought or sold in ZamWallet and can’t be withdrawn to any external wallets.

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