Investment Portfolios

ZamWallet Intelligent Investment Portfolios

What is an intelligent investment portfolio?

Intelligent investment portfolios are available in the ZamWallet app. There is a list of the most popular portfolios, the total number of investors, annual retention, and the trader who's going to manage the investments.

Each portfolio has an author, who's going to take care of invested money. So, there is no need to take risks by investing in unknown assets, just choose the amount of money to place in. Users can relax and don't check their portfolios every hour to find the best deals. Follow the expert's actions and get the advantages of profit. However, there's still an option to get a portfolio without a trader. Apart from this, the app contains many tutorials about buying crypto and a list of assets' recommendations.

Portfolio's Profile. An investment portfolio is a collection of assets (cryptocurrencies). The profile consists of the portfolio name and author, growth during a year period, cryptocurrencies' information.

Cryptonian's Profile (coming soon). Cryptonian is an experienced professional in trading and investment at the cryptomarket. Cryptonian's name, count of authored portfolios and investors, total investment amount and API ROI constitute profile information.

"Portfolio Market" page

The page contains all the necessary information for investors.

  • Minimum investment amount, return in last 12 months

  • Portfolio's price dynamics graph

  • Assets included in the portfolio and their allocation

  • Sectors of cryptocurrencies

How to buy the first portfolio?

ZamWallet app offers a very simple way to buy a portfolio and become an investor. All that required are:

1.Choose a portfolio and acquainted with portfolio information

2.Select payment method and press "INVEST"

It is possible to buy a portfolio via fiat or via cryptocurrency.

Portfolio management

The distinctive feature of the ZamWallet app's investment portfolios is the availability of Portfolio management.

Portfolio management allows users to not worry about their investment. The reason is top crypto-traders - Cryptonians manage portfolios for users. The features that users get:

  • The author manages the portfolio

  • No need to worry about risk management

  • Full mentoring

  • Users pay only from profit

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