IIO and Index tokens

Initial Index Offering for Index tokens deployed in DeFi

Initial Index Offering (IIO)

At the center of this concept is the idea of ​​promoting not a single token, but structured index products. We decided to take all the best that natural and artificial intelligence has and combine it into our product in the form of Investment Portfolios.

The first funds for purchase of tokens to all Investment Portfolios will be collected through ZAMpad as part of our new Initial Index Offering (IIO) model.

During each IIO will be raised $50,000 on ZAMpad, this amount will be distributed as follows:

  • $45,000 (90% of total raised) will be distributed to purchase tokens chosen by an expert for the Investment Portfolio. Then, the share in the Investment Portfolio will be distributed to investors in ZamWallet in proportion to the amount of their investments on IIO. $45,000 is the initial capital that the expert will manage and initial TVL for each Portfolio.

  • For $5,000 (10% of total raised) the ZAM tokens will be bought and sent to a liquidity pool on PancakeSwap (PCS) for the Index token.

$5,000 in Index tokens (400,000 tokens) will be distributed among investors in proportion to the amount of their investments on IIO.

Index token linked to an Investment Portfolio

Each Portfolio created by an expert in ZamWallet will have its own BEP20 token — an Index token. Index tokens will be backed by liquidity and returns from the linked Portfolios. Each Index token will be traded on the DEX.

The investors who participated in IIO will receive an airdrop of 400,000 Index token and will become the first holders of the Index token.

Index token purposes:

  • An Index token is based on an expert's real product in ZamWallet — Investment Portfolio. The Index token price will reflect a profit performance of the linked Investment Portfolio made by the expert.

  • An Index token is based on one expert's personal brand and name, who has already built his/her own community trust and got the recognition. The expert will present and promote the Index token to his/her supporters and attract new community members and users to the Zamio ecosystem.

  • Experts will be able to use Index tokens as social tokens for their communities.

  • An expert’s experience, skills and knowledge of investment management will be monetized through an Index token.

  • As experts hold 10% of total Index tokens supply, Index tokens are an additional motivation for experts to maximize Portfolios profits in order to increase the price of the Index token.

  • Index tokens are incentives for the first investors who participate in IIO on ZAMpad. Index token is the medium and long term investment with 12 months lock-up for retaining Zamio clients.

Launch and IDO of Index tokens

Case Example

Assuming, there will be about 30 experts with 50K-800K subscribers. These experts will create 100 different Investments Portfolios in ZamWallet with $50K - $200K TVL for each Portfolio, and total TVL in the amount of $5mln - $20mln for all 100 Investment Portfolios. Along with 100 Investment Portfolios, 100 Index tokens will be created and will be supported by profits from Investment Portfolios in the future.

Index Token Tokenomics

Each Index token will have its own token name and symbol created based on the unique features of the linked Investment Portfolio. Each Index token will have its own smart contract and will be created independently of each other.

The tokenomics will be set the same for each Index token.

Key metrics

Blockchain Network


Total Token Supply


Fully Diluted Market Cap


Unlocked on TGE


Initial Circulating Supply


Initial Market Cap


Listing Token Price


Index token distribution

Index tokens will be created for investment purposes for the medium and long term. Thus, the allocations for investors, Zamio team and experts will be unlocked for 12 months.

Index token mechanics

1) Index tokens will be listed on PancakeSwap (PCS) with a liquidity pool pair of 400,000 Index tokens / $5,000 in ZAM tokens. Index tokens will be traded only for ZAM tokens.

2) When an INF token is traded on PCS, a 3% fee is charged in ZAM tokens. All collected trading fees in ZAM tokens will be sent to the Burned (Locked) Pool.

3) Zamio will distribute 50% of its profit from the Investment Portfolios to purchase the linked Index tokens on PCS in order to support the tokens’ growth.

Thus, more profit will be generated by Investment Portfolios, the more the Index token price will go up.

As the value of the Investment Portfolio and its price grows, so does the profit of investors in ZamWallet.

When investors withdraw more and more of their profits, Zamio receives more commissions from investors’ profit. Then, Zamio has more resources to invest in the Index token linked to the Investment Portfolio and boost up the price of the Index token.

In addition, the more Index tokens are bought on PancakeSwap, the more $ZAM tokens are locked in the PancakeSwap liquidity pool that contains the trading pair Index token / $ZAM token. Hence, the $ZAM token price tends to grow.

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