AEDZ and USDZ created to enforce MENA and CIS region economy and attach crypto value to the real world value.

The cryptocurrency industry is frequently criticized for price volatility which impedes the usage of utility tokens as a real-world currency.

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies backed by reserve assets for everyday use. They are designed to combine features such as instant processing, security, and privacy of blockchain technology, with the stability of reserve assets or leading Fiat currencies.

AEDZ is the first stablecoin in the MENA region to be fully pegged to the UAE Dirham. USDZ is a stablecoin pegged to the US Dollar.

Zamzam is developing these stablecoins as a universal solution for payments, remittance, banking, trading, and many other business applications.

Emission of stablecoin within the zMorgan Protocol


  • Price Stability: AEDZ and USDZ achieve their price stability via collateralization. 1 USDZ and 1 AEDZ will always be worth 1 USD and 1 AED respectively.

  • Instant Processing: Stablecoin transactions are processed and settled inside the ecosystem in real-time.

  • Transparency. All collateral assets backing AEDZ and USDZ are deposited in escrow accounts with a real-time dashboard showing the value of collateralization and circulation of each so that our stablecoin collateral value is absolutely transparent to everyone.


  • Settlement medium

  • Cross-border remittance

  • Payments

  • Easy access to Crypto Capital Markets

  • Store of value

  • Banking: lending, borrowing, investment


Initially, USDZ and AEDZ will be collateralized with other stablecoins (BUSD, USDT). As the ecosystem develops, USD, AED, and other assets will be used as collateral in escrow accounts.

For every 1 USDZ minted, 1 BUSD or 1 USDT will be locked in the protocol as collateral.

For Every 3.67 AEDZ minted, 1 BUSD or 1 USDT are locked in the protocol.


  1. zMorgan users deposit liquidity (BUSD or USDT) to the Ecosystem.

  2. Liquidity is locked in zMorgan pool.

  3. zMorgan Protocol mints equal value of USDZ to BUSD/USDT locked in the pool.

  4. For specific markets, AEDZ is minted instead of USDZ.


  1. Users make a market order to exchange USDZ with another asset.

  2. Exchange sends USDZ to zMorgan protocol

  3. zMorgan protocol unlocks BUSD from the pool (or USDT depending on the required pair for exchange)

Stablecoin as a Service

Stablecoin as a service is a universal solution for businesses and governments to quickly and efficiently issue their own stable cryptocurrency tied to a reserve asset or Fiat.

For companies: Businesses can release their own branded digital tokens to offer incentives for their customers, build customer loyalty and encourage money to be kept within their ecosystem.

For Governments: Central Banks can issue digital currencies (CBDC) that can be used as a digital national currency. With CBDC stablecoins, citizens retain access to the safest form of money - a claim on a central bank. This could promote diversity in payment options, make cross-border payments faster and cheaper, increase financial inclusion and facilitate fiscal transfers in times of economic crisis.