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Online Bank for Migrants in Russia and CIS region

Zamzam — Online Bank for Migrants in Russia and CIS region.

An online bank for migrants for CIS and MENA regions with virtual bank cards, cross-border remittance, and essential financial services. was launched in 2018 with the goal to create a digital bank for migrants in Russia and the CIS region. So far, international remittance functionality has been realized in 8 CIS countries, with 5 national currencies available. Sending money is done through the app using a bank card, and recipients can receive money at more than 50,000 locations across the region. Digital bank cards are currently in the testing stage and will be available in the near future to all users. As of today, Zamzam has over 10,000 registered users on the platform. We have partnership agreements with 3 banks and 3 payment service providers. Our ecosystem is integrated with our partners’ solutions through an API under a white label model. Moreover, $ZAM token and ZamWallet have already been integrated into app.

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