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ZamEx (soon)

Intelligent crypto exchange augmented by deep analytics and machine learning
ZamEx is an intelligent crypto exchange augmented by deep analytics and machine learning to help traders make better decisions by understanding indicators and market sentiment. ‌
As seasoned crypto traders, the Zamzam team envisions a new type of crypto exchange - an exchange that gives professional traders as well as newcomers powerful understandable tools and data required to make smart decisions and be successful in trades. ZamEx is built to be a world-class crypto exchange, empowering the next generation of traders.

Unique Features

Intelligent trading tools

ZamEx is equipped with intelligent trading tools that enable traders to make the best trading decisions. Using tools from Ray.SX (a partner project), users get access to automatic analysis tools that studies market changes and indicators then detect anomalies that suggest possible price surges or dips.

Investment Portfolios

Using deep analytics and machine learning, our algorithm scores and analyzes thousands of crypto projects based on the criterion that estimates the potential growth and yield of each project. Algorithm suggestions are then reviewed and studied by our crypto analysts. The best projects are packaged in portfolios for users to invest in and earn based on their preference and risk appetite.

Liquidity will partner with industry world leaders to get access to liquidity and provide traders the best bids, best spreads. ZamEx is powered with open-source tools and plug and play solutions under a white-label model.

Device coverage

ZamEx will be cross-platform for:
  • iOS native client
  • Android native client
  • Web-based trading
  • Mobile HTML5 client

Multilingual Support

We will initially support English on all our user interfaces with planned support for Arabic, Russian, Turkish as well as other languages.

Supported Tokens

Our approach to the exchange focuses on listing coins that traders wants. These coins should have strong credibility, a wide user base, and liquidity. The goal is to list the most exciting tokens on the market as well as promising innovative projects with great potential.
Initially our exchange will support BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC, BCH, XRP and more to be added over the period of development.


ZamEx will start as a centralized exchange, then develop DeX (decentralized exchange) after the initial deployment stage.