Revenue Streams

Today Zamzam is building a revolutionary financial ecosystem and focusing on the development of hybrid finance (HyFi) - a combination of both centralized finance (CeFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi) in the ZAM ecosystem.

We are building the DeFi services and infrastructure for the global digital economy by recreating traditional financial tools within a decentralized environment. DeFi technology is one the fastest growing in the financial market and is at the cutting-edge of innovation when it comes to this technology-based industry.
However, building a financial system that is decentralized and transparent, at the same time we are forming centralized finance elements within our ecosystem.
We care about our growth as a project. Currently, we are receiving constant revenue streams from already launched centralized Zamzam ecosystem elements and we gradually continue to develop other elements of our ecosystem to provide maximum growth to our project. Furthermore, our multiple infrastructures mitigate DeFi project risks.
At, we have a sober view of the world. Most crypto projects with no user base and revenue streams will not reach a break-even point and are financially unsustainable. When Bitcoin goes into a global correction again similar to what happened after the peak of 2017, only those companies with real financial revenue streams coming from real customers will survive. Therefore, we structured our business to rely on revenue coming from both: a conventional, direct, highly profitable commission model, as well as revenue coming from innovative products and technologies of a new decentralized economy.


1) Exchange operations

0.1%-0.5% of volume
ZamEx is an intelligent crypto exchange augmented by deep analytics and machine learning.

2) CryptoProcessing for business

0.3%-0.5% of volume
Zamzam opens the cryptocurrency market and the market of financial services for new players – small and medium businesses. Zamzam is creating a client bank to maintain the cryptocurrency account of the company which will allow carrying out conveniently and habitually all commercial activity in cryptocurrencies.
We offer currency exchange services for Zamzam customers, allowing corporate clients to hold multicurrency accounts, exchange currencies at their own discretion, and make payments with less risk of losses because of rate volatility.
We offer bookkeeping for small businesses. Automatic payments from companies using the Zamzam bookkeeping service are maintained through smart contracts on the Stellar platform.
If the client wants to establish acquiring, then it is necessary to make a deposit in ZAM Tokens (tokens are also accepted as commissions for services).

3) Secure emission of stablecoins for business

1%-2% per year
We make safe and secure emission of stablecoin $USDZ for business.

4) Buying cryptocurrency with a card

0.5%-1% of volume
The clients can buy cryptocurrency instantly and pay with a card through our safe and secure wallet.
The clients can replenish their zam.account with any bank card with 3% commission only. We’d like to make it free, but Visa, MasterCard, and clients’ card issuing bank have their conditions.

5) Withdrawing cryptocurrency to fiat currency

0.5%-1% of volume
The clients can deposit their cryptocurrency into the exchange and receive a fiat currency for withdrawal to their bank account.
To cover blockchain fees and administrative costs, we charge a small withdrawal fee. Withdrawal fees are constantly adjusted according to current market conditions.

6) Plans and access to the platform

$5-$29 monthly per client
The tokens can be used to pay for subscriptions to services for physical and legal entities. Each rate plan has two options of payment – fiat money or tokens from the ZamWallet.
The user has to have a certain quantity of ZAM tokens on their account to maintain the tariff plan. If the project has no tokens left on the balance, they are bought back on exchanges.

✅ DeFi

1) Yield Program

1%-10% of user's profit
Users receive yield by holding ZAM. Yield Program Pool in the amount of 204,444,444 tokens would be locked by smart contracts for about 5 years. Yield Program Pool will be regulated by an algorithm, therefore, yield tokens would be automatically unlocked and distributed according to the current APY (annual percentage yield for holding).
The maximum APY is 89%, the APY depends on the number of holders and deposited amounts at the moment.

✅ zMorgan (coming soon)

1) zMorgan interest

1%-3% of the loan amount per year
Interest income from loans issued in stable coins secured by liquid shares.

2) zMorgan Protocol fee

1% of stocks portfolio value
This revenue stream is directed to cover our portfolio escrow expenses to an agent and smart-contract transaction fees.


1) Premium subscription

$3 monthly per client
Premium subscription gives more privileges and additional benefits to a client within Zamzam ecosystem.

2) Consumer microloans

10%-20% of the loan amount per year
Loans issued to citizens (individuals) for personal needs for a relatively long term. A consumer loan is normally returned in several (weekly or monthly) installments.

3) Digital debit cards payments

0.3%-0.5% of payments
The users can do online shopping and NFC payments with a virtual card.

4) Remittance and international transfers

0.2%-0.5% of volume
Fast and low-cost remittance and international transfers between Russia and the CIS countries and other countries of the world. Cash transfers can be received at 50,000 points of the issue worldwide.

5) Service and payments

0.3%-0.5% of volume

After establishing sustainable revenue streams in CIS and MENA, we plan to expand our presence to other regions starting with Southeast Asia.